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"Inspire to Aspire" 

Our mission is to share insight into how inspiring and positive your horsemanship journey can be-
both for you and your horse. 

Announcing our New 2024 Program! 

We are excited to announce our new Riding Academy and  expanded barn location, starting February 1, 2024. 

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Get to know more about our Horsemanship Philosophy....

Horsewoman, Lela Mullen, is dedicated to sharing her passion for horses and promoting continued learning thru positive training methods for both horse and rider. 

Our horsemanship program is based on the teachings of Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman, with a focus on the horse as a willing and equal partner in any discipline or endeavor. 

Building on 3 Main Principles for Success- 


 PREPARING the Horse

 It all starts on the ground- building confident, effective, positive, and safe communication with your horse. 

Ridden Work 


Keeping the focus on effective and positive communication with your horse under saddle. 

Equitation Focus


Learning the importance of body awareness and focus for progressing with your horse. 


From clients, to peers, to mentors- 

Here is what they all have to say about working with Lela. 

"My personal path to horsemanship has been greatly impacted by the things that Lela has shared with me over the last few years. She is a determined horsewoman who is constantly learning.  I appreciate her dedication to keeping the horse first and her pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience with other people who want to take their relationship with horses to the next level."

Lyne N. 


"Lela has always been the best kind of coach- firm, but fair and believing in you- even when you do not believe in yourself. I would not be the rider I am today without her instruction and mentorship." 

Heidi M. 

Prior  Student 

"Lela is the most dedicated and consistent rider I have witnessed on a horse. She always considers the horse, is fair-but gets the horse to progress even when they are unsure they can. Working with Lela and her program will bring many benefits to the rider and the horse both in the saddle and on the ground!"

Cindy W. 

Peer Rider 

 "I met this nice young lady this summer riding in horsemanship clinics. She is very knowledgeable and kind. Her horses come first, as with all good horse(wo)men. She is willing and doing a great job at seeking education to continue her learning and improve her teaching skills. You will be a lucky student to ride under Lela!" 

Louise B. 

Peer Trainer

"Lela is a dedicated student of the horse. She continues to search for answers from them, her human teachers and within herself. If growth is the goal, she is on the right track."

Barb Gerbitz 


"Lela is a dedicated horsewoman who is passionate, knowledgeable and determined. She is always ready to roll up her sleeves and work hard in her craft. Lela is committed to continuing her own education and refining her skills and is a champion of support and encouragement to the horses and her fellow equestrians!" 

Peggy V. 

Peer Trainer

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