Riding Academy Leasing Program 

For those interested in experiencing more than a weekly lesson, we are proud to offer a premiere and diverse lease program, starting in February 2024. 

New clients are requested to take a minimum of 1-2 months of lessons, prior to lease request, so we can better understand the best fit for our horses and riders alike.

Lease Programs 

All our lease programs are All Inclusive*- meaning this fee is the only charge monthly you will incur and be billed at the start of each month.  This keeps costs clear and concise, without the worries of extra bills or lesson fees. Split payments (2) are available on a bi-weekly basis. 

Rates include: Weekly riding time,1 weekly private lesson, routine horse care, horsemanship practice sessions, horse show usage, and basic horse tack (rider’s saddles can be used upon instructor approval).

*Some horses may include a nominal annual fee; this can be split into payments as arranged with mgmt.

Half Lease 

- For adv. beginners to advanced riders
( 6 months riding or more recommended) 
- 3 to 4 days per week riding time 
    - 1 weekly private lesson
    - other rides (up to 1.5 hrs) 2 days weekly on a set schedule, with 1 extra ride twice per month. 
- Shared usage at all horse shows 
- all medical and farrier bills covered 
- 3 month minimum commitment

$575.00 /month

Full Lease 

- For intermediate to advanced riders
   (1 year of riding or more recommended)
- 6 days per week riding time
     - 1 weekly private lesson 
- Solo usage for all shows and events
- usage for all special barn sessions/events
- all medical and farrier bills covered
- 50% provided coverage for rides in case of horse injury. 
- 6 month minimum commitment


Show/Import Lease 

These leases are typically contractual for 6-12 month periods and are priced as either:

1) Annual Fee +All Monthly Expenses (Boarding, vet and farrier costs, lessons, and show fees)

2) Amortized Annual Fee +Estimated Yearly Expenses into Monthly Cost Breakdown

Varied rates

Catch Ride Lease 

- For advanced riders ( trainer approved)
- 5 days per week riding time
   - 1 weekly private lesson
   - other rides (up to 1.5 hrs) on varied horses as available day to day 
- Horse available for usage at all horse shows is trainer dependent
- all medical and farrier bills covered
- 3 month minimum commitment


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